Monday 6 April 2015

Grand Indie Author Fair Giveaway

FANTASTIC PRIZES! Paperbacks, Ebooks, Swag. 

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Forty books up for grabs!

On Friday 17 April, Triskele Books and Foyles Bookshop welcome a myriad of authors to the 2015 Indie Author Fair. Here’s your chance to sample what’s on offer! Whatever your taste, we’ve got something special for you. 

Entry is easy and free for a chance to win one of FORTY different ebooks, paperbacks or swag bag prizes.

The Fair is part of the Indie Author Fringe Festival, run by The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi)/Indie ReCon, in association with The London Book Fair’s Book and Screen Week.


Please Note: Paperbacks will only be posted to UK winners unless otherwise stated - but there are plenty of great ebooks available for everyone.

Click on the little circles to view all the different prizes on offer.

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List of Prizes - some paperbacks, some ebooks. 
A Time and Place Boxset - Triskele Books
Spirit of Lost Angels by Liza Perrat
Wolfsangel - 
 by Liza Perrat
Behind Closed Doors - by JJ Marsh
Cold Pressed - by JJ Marsh
Gift of the Raven - by Catriona Troth

Ghost Town - by Catriona Troth
Tristan & Iseult - by JD Smith

Rise of Zenobia - by JD Smith
Bookmuse Journal - Triskele Books
Delirium: The Rimbaud Delusion - Barbara Scott Emmett
Rats - by JW Hicks
Crimson Shore - by Gillian Hamer
Zappa’s Mam’s a Slapper - by John Lynch
Sharon Wright: Butterfly 
- by John Lynch
A Just and Upright Man - 
by John Lynch
A Shadow in Yucatan - by Philippa Rees
Involution-An Odyssey Reconciling Science to God
Social Engineer - by Ian Richardson
Invasion of Privacy 
- by Ian Richardson
Kurinji Flowers - by Clare Flynn
A Greater World by Clare Flynn
Through the Whirlpool - by Kevin Booth
A Sense of Occasion - the Chelmsford Stories
London Calling - by Clare Lydon
The Long Weekend - by Clare Lydon

Quick Change - by Debbie Young
Sell Your Books! - by Debbie Young
King's Crusade (A Seventeen Series Novel: Book 2) - by AD Starrling
Becoming Human (Book 1, Exilon 5 Trilogy) - by Eliza Green
Callum Fox & the Mousehole Ghost - by Amanda Hatter
The Changing Room; A British Comedy of Love, Loss and Laughter (UK only) - by Jane Turley
A Modern Life; sweet and salty short stories (UK reader) - by Jane Turley
Quantum Confessions - by Stephen Oram
Victoria's War - by Fenella Miller
Barbara's War - by Fenella Miller
God's Triangle - by Ian Richardson
Outside the Box: Women Writing Women

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